Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sony Ericsson K750i

The k750i has been around for a year or so. However now, this 2MP(MegaPixel) camera-fone has come down from the premium-segment Rs. 20k+ price last year (2005) to the budget-segment of mobile phones and is selling like hot-cakes with a price-tag of about Rs. 11k currently (July 2006).
The K750i allows you to tweak around with features like auto-focus, 5 shoot modes, special effects, adjustable white-balance and self-timer. The daylight shots are of great quality and would please most people who plan to use the same to capture memorable moments without their beloved digital cams. The 2-LED FlashLite is helpful in closeup shots in the dark. However, there is a major loss of quality in night shots and slightly dark conditions even with night-mode. Here is an interesting comparison with the
Other nice-to-have features are the comfortable camera-style button on the side of the phone and the slide-cover for the camera which immediately shifts the phone to camera mode when the slide cover is opened, even when the keypad is locked.
On the music front, the K750i supports MP3/AAC files with an audio quality comparable with the more costlier walkman/w-series series. However, maybe just to differentiate with the walkmans, the K750i comes with a very ordinary earphone instead of the comfortable suction earphones. With an official maximum memstick capacity of 1GB, you can load upto 200 mp3s (128kbps). However, the K750i by default comes only with a 64MB Mem Stick. An obvious cost-cutting scheme. The media player is quite comparable usability-wise with the w-series, except for the orange colors.
The in-built FM system is enabled (not useful in India though). However, for a person like me who hates using a hands-free, it is quite annoying to know that the phone still needs the hands-free to listen to the FM. I hope the sony guys come up with a better way in future phones.
Though the K750i supports mpeg4/3gp files, obviously I still don’t see the 176×220 pixel screen to be useful for watching videos except for previewing

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