Thursday, October 8, 2009

3D Mobile game- anti-terror mission E61 CN J2ME

Process known as the United States and the terrorist organization is the letter of the desperate gang of thugs, who through various means of carrying out terrorist activities in order to gain political needs, serious impact on the safety of the people of the world, they bought on the black market with the former Soviet Union biological and chemical weapons and medium-range missiles, and at a more than 10 million urban population, that if we do not agree with their political conditions, a bundle will launch the missile, chemical and biological weapons. In order to resolve this crisis, my Special K by the division, sent to combat cross-border terrorist group, and the destruction of chemical and biological missiles. Now, from the time they fired missiles less than four hours of.

Left softkey: items in column 
Right softkey: Options 
4,6 key: perspective about regulation 
7,9 bond: $ up and down regulation of perspective 
2,8 or navigation keys: the direction of 
5 or OK: attacks

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