Friday, October 9, 2009

Free PC Game Downloads Family Friendly 3D Games

Links to other Independant Game Developers

Free Game Downloads at Mad Data - Download Arcade and Shareware Games
3D Darts Professional - Play the most realistic Dart Simulation Game
3D Magic Mahjongg - Play Mahjongg Solitaire in 3D
NoLimits Roller Coaster Simulation - Realistic Rollercoaster Sim for PC and Mac.
Tobi Lode Runner - Re-experience classic Arcade Hit Lode Runner
Greenface Boulderdash - Puzzle/Action Game based on classic Boulderdash
Addictive247 - Game developer for the PC. Creators of the new puzzle game 'RotaDim'
Midnight Synergy - Play Games: Action, Puzzle, and more...
Mountain King - Cool Games: Demonstar, Raptor, Swarm Assault and more...
Retro64 - Great retro games with modern 3D graphics!
Astatix Software - Freeware and shareware games, desktop tools and screensavers
Twilight Games - Creators of Aargon Deluxe, A Snake's life, and Twilight Mahjongg
ADC-Soft - Create, play, print, and e-mail jigsaw puzzles on your PC
Yamisoft Entertainment Inc. - Original, top-quality PC games
Kronos Software - Developer of fun, creative, and original shareware games
Fusion Apple Entertainment - Make quality games that are "just fun"
GameYard - PC Game Downloads: Lots of fun for your Windows computer
Redclaw Games - Download fun games and demos including Goobs and Blockout
YupGames - Free PC Puzzle Game Download
Ancient Soft - The makers of the great game, Pharaohs Curse
Pretty Good Solitaire - Every version of solitaire you could ever want, in one great package.
Crossdown - Makers of crossword and other puzzle games
BVS Solitaire Collection - Unique solitaire card game variations
Software Illusions - Looking For Fruit Machine Simulators? This Is The Right Place!
Cornutopia - Creators of intelligent and beautiful games for all ages
BlueDojo - Free Game Downloads and Free Downloadable Games
Fiorina Entertainment - Game Development Company
Lazy Reptile Studios - Home of the action game Twitch. Download the free demo.
Lexaloffle Games - Makers of Zen Puzzle Garden and Neko Puzzle.
Free Windows Games - Download free, full version Windows games. No cost. No ads.
Free Game Downloads at Quest Engine - Featuring "Once Twice Thrice". A huge adventure!
Download Computer Chess Program Shredder Classic - Try the world champion!
Dexterity - Free downloads of award-winning arcade, strategy, and puzzle games
Magic Snake Game - Play the World's Popular Snake Game: Magic Snake Game Now!
A1 Puzzles and Crosswords - Interactive Crosswords and Puzzles
Weave Words Computer Word Game - Find the words, guess letters, and solve the phrases
SolSuite - Solitaire Card Games Suite - The ultimate solitaire experience!
Download sports, strategy and simulation games - Winter Wolves Game Studio
Plowsoft Games - Free game downloads for your PC. Makers of Astrosiege.
Mac Games and PC Games at Rainbow Creatures - Download original fun games here.

Links to Download Archives
Noodan - Hundreds of free games to download!
GameXcite - Shareware game archive. Free online games.
Free Games Download - Free Download PC Games at
Download Games Online - wide collection of addictive puzzle, arcade and action games.
PC Games Download - Arcade Games, Puzzle Games, Board Games and more.
Dyno Downloads - Download free games at Dyno - free games, Flash and Java games, and downloadable games
Giochi online - Il tuo divertimento online gratis - Giochi online per giocare a casa e in ufficio
Computer game - Computer Game downloads site!
Free download addictive puzzle and arcade games - Freeware, shareware and quality commercial software downloads

Other interesting Links
Universal Hint System - Hints you need to solve hundreds of computer games.
Screen Saver Maker - Create your own screensavers with flash, movie, image, photo, music
Easy Icon Editor - Software for making icons of all sizes, colors
Nokia Phone Games - All the very latest nokia phone games at Wickedphonegames.
Meerkatmagic - Everything about Suricates (Meerkats)
SAVE - Shareware Autoren VEreinigung (german)
Free website content - Free game downloads and Minilcip - The Infotainment Portal
Magic The Gathering Cards - over 20,000 different magic the gathering cards in stock
EleFun Multimedia - World leader in developing Animated Desktop Wallpapers
Gamehead Australia - Cheap Computer Games - Buy and Sell computer and video games here
Jig saw Puzzles & Jigsaw Puzzle Mat - Jigsaw Puzzles and Jigsaw Puzzle Accessories
Bruno's Chess Problem Of The Day - Free chess problems every day. Strategies and tactics.
Look for games - Information regarding your favorite games! Guides and tips for your games.
Video Games Portal - THE resource for video games! - Play FREE online pool here!

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