Saturday, October 10, 2009

Mobile+Computer Terms Definitions(Mobile Software)

How many times did you waste your time searching for the meaning of an important acronym?
Now look no further this comprehensive program defines you what terms you've been wanting to know.
"From a simple acronym to the hardest computer related acronyms we've compiled it for in a modern way, the mobile way."
"Ported to Nokia Symbian S60 phones ,2nd edition, 3rd edition and also UIQ phones ".

This separates the real men from the boys. Ever wondered why some technician know so much.
They all start from somewhere. From beginners to experts this is a must have for you.

"Over 1000 acronyms which include mobile communication acronyms, computer & cellphone repair terms, file type extension descriptions, website suffixes , etc."

Best of all its free.Enjoy.


1.Download file

2. Send to your favorite phone list below.
3. Install (select file based on version below)
4. Hit thanks button and hope it helps. :p


Phone Models Installer to use
Nokia 6600 Symbian S60 2nd
Panasonic X700 Symbian S60 2nd
Panasonic X800 Symbian S60 2nd
Samsung SGH-D720 Symbian S60 2nd
Samsung SGH-D728 Symbian S60 2nd
Samsung SGH-D730 Symbian S60 2nd
Samsung SGH-Z600 Symbian S60 2nd
Nokia 3230 Symbian S60 2nd
Nokia 6260 Symbian S60 2nd
Nokia 6620 Symbian S60 2nd
Nokia 6670 Symbian S60 2nd
Nokia 7610 Symbian S60 2nd
Lenovo P930 Symbian S60 2nd
Nokia 6630 Symbian S60 2nd
Nokia 6680 Symbian S60 2nd
Nokia 6681 Symbian S60 2nd
Nokia 6682 Symbian S60 2nd
Nokia N70 Symbian S60 2nd
Nokia N72 Symbian S60 2nd
Nokia N90 Symbian S60 2nd
Nokia 3250 Symbian S60 3rd
Nokia 5500 Sport Symbian S60 3rd
Nokia E50 Symbian S60 3rd
Nokia E60 Symbian S60 3rd
Nokia E61 Symbian S60 3rd
Nokia E61i Symbian S60 3rd
Nokia E62 Symbian S60 3rd
Nokia E65 Symbian S60 3rd
Nokia E70 Symbian S60 3rd
Nokia N71 Symbian S60 3rd
Nokia N73 Symbian S60 3rd
Nokia N75 Symbian S60 3rd
Nokia N77 Symbian S60 3rd
Nokia N80 Symbian S60 3rd
Nokia N91 Symbian S60 3rd
Nokia N91 8GB Symbian S60 3rd
Nokia N92 Symbian S60 3rd
Nokia N93 Symbian S60 3rd
Nokia N93i Symbian S60 3rd
Samsung SGH-i570 Symbian S60 3rd
Sony Ericsson P800 UIQ 2nd
Sony Ericsson P900 UIQ 2nd
Sony Ericsson P910 UIQ 2nd
Motorola A920 UIQ 2nd
Motorola A925 UIQ 2nd
Motorola A1000 UIQ 2nd
Motorola M1000 UIQ 2nd
Benq P30 UIQ 2nd
Benq P31 UIQ 2nd
Nokia 6708 UIQ 2nd
Arima U300 UIQ 2nd
Arima U308 UIQ 2nd
Sony Ericsson P1/Sony Ericsson P1i/P1c UiIQ 3rd
Sony Ericsson M600/Sony Ericsson M600i/M608c UiIQ 3rd
Sony Ericsson P990/Sony Ericsson P990i/P990c UiIQ 3rd
Sony Ericsson W950/Sony Ericsson W950i/W958c UiIQ 3rd
Sony Ericsson W960/Sony Ericsson W960i/W960c UiIQ 3rd
Sony Ericsson G700 UiIQ 3rd
Sony Ericsson G900 UiIQ 3rd
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