Thursday, October 8, 2009


Msdict Viewer Features

- Transcriptions facilitating pronunciation
- Stylish user interface with several color schemes
- Hyperlinks between different related articles
- Text font remapping (dynamic changing of font sizes)
- Opportunity to add custom notes to any article in the dictionary so you can save your ideas and examples of usage
- Built-in keyboard
- Advanced search and filtering features
- Single-tap search, starting on first letter
- Wildcard filtration feature(the use of "*" replaces arbitrary number of symbols within words)
- Button allowing quick erase of the query field
- Dynamic word history list for each session

The MSDict 5 Out Now - MSDict is Now Talking with the Oxford Voice

Msdict Viewer is an innovative dictionary reader specially designed to combine high data compression for memory restricted devices with a fast search algorithm, and user-friendly interface with amazing speed. The viewer supports multiple dictionaries installed at a time.

The new dictionary reader is speech enabled and powered by the extraordinary add-in Oxford sound module of 50,000 pre-recorded words that will allow you to listen and learn genuine English pronunciation.

50,000 audio word pronunciations to be used with any MSDict English monolingual dictionary or bilingual one with English
high-quality recordings with British English pronunciations compiled and recorded by Oxford University Press
the riches sound database available for mobiles
accurate coverage of different homographs, variant forms and inflections
full information on parts of speech and subsenses covered

P.S. all dictionaries can be downloaded for free using this link
EX. Download MSDict Concise Oxford English Dictionary

Download Concise Oxford English Audio Module
Download Concise Oxford English Audio Module (Short)

- -(x)- I N S T A L L N O T E S -(x)- 

1.) Unpack 2.) Install 3.) Enjoy!!

Download Here For Free

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