Sunday, October 11, 2009

Symbian Hack Method (fully working)

This method fully works on all Symbian 9.1,9.2 & 9.4 devices including Nokia N96,N78,Nokia 5800 and all others released till date

Please Note this tutorial is for Dummies who don't know much about Hacking the symbian phone.

Step 1: Getting The Certificate

First you need to goto following url:

(Website is in complete chinese so look at Screenshot below).

Enter your Phones IMEI number and enter whatever the security code is on the rightside, and Click the Button.

Now you will have to wait 24 Hours and allow the website prepare your certificate in this time.

After 24 Hours come back to this site again and enter your IMEI number and security code and press button just like you did first. Now you will see two Buttons as shown in screenshot below:

Once you see this button and click it, you will be able to download your Certficiate. (Dummies: A Certificate is like a Security Keyfile which is required to Sign an unsigned application to work on your phone).

Now make sure you have saved this Cert file on your PC. (Now save this cert file in a safe place, so whenever you install a new software application, you will need this cert file to Sign the application).

Move on to step 2.

Step 2: Hacking You Phone using HelloOX

Now download the HelloOX 1.03 from this link:

Download the PC Sign app from this link:

Make sure you have downloaded HelloOX1.03 file in your PC. Now use the PCSign application to Sign the unsigned "HelloOX.1.03.Unsigned".

Once you have signed the HelloOx1.03 a new file e.g. HelloOX.1.03_signed_by_dify.sis will be generated in that folder.

Now install the Signed HelloOX on your phone it will take a about 1-2 mins to install. Once installed your phone is fully hacked!

Step 3:

Now simply you just have to sign every application you want to install on your phone. Just run PC Sign app, browse the appilication which you want to sign, browse the cert and press Sign button.

Now a new Signed app file will appear in the folder, copy and install that file on your phone.

N-Gage Games : - All Ngage 2.0 games should work on your device.

Simply download the N-Gage installer from this link:

To download N-Gage games visit the N-Gage games section:

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